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Sorry for absense

2011-08-14 21:30:53 by SirFurious

What can I say? Life got busy. I kinda ditched NG because of my ambient level of chaos going on. But, hopefully, I'll be able to get back to it. Now, here are my reasons for leaving that you are free to blow out fo the water.

1: I had finals last spring.
2: I had a few trips over summer.
3: I got busy with my writing and stuff.

However, there is one you can't touch.

I got a girlfriend, who merits my time. And all the above, combined and messed with until I felt overwhelmed and shut down to all but the most important.

That said, Life's getting back in a good groove, and I'll be trying to head back to my persistent reviews. It may take a while, but... We'll see. :)


Listen to it here!

Half a billion thanks to Jason Horecky for helping me with it. You've been a big help to me, and I look forward to the next song we do!


On a more real world note, in case anyone cares... Insomnia has taken it's toll, which is part of why I'm mostly inactive. But, I'm recovering from many sleepless nights (Or so he said at 4:40AM... T.T) and have gotten back to reviewing, En masse!

So, if you got music that you'd like me to review, don't be a stranger. Go ahead and let me know. I need more music! :)



2011-03-24 01:14:23 by SirFurious

I did a Collab with GrayZ!

Follow the link to hear it! :)

I don't exactly think we're finished with it, but we both got busy, and my spring break ended, Yada yada... (I know, excuses!)

Until next song or whatever, I hope y'all enjoy it, his music, and... Well, check my favorites list. They are all good!


100 reviews!

2011-03-09 19:32:00 by SirFurious

Always nice to see that I'm actually making some kind of impression. 100 reviews... is a lot more than I thought I had. :)

Which is harder?

2011-03-01 17:52:37 by SirFurious

Making something from scratch in FL 9, or remaking something that you already know on Guitar in FL9?

Definitely the latter. >.<

Can't stay sad long...

2011-02-12 02:06:19 by SirFurious

Alrighty. I'm peachy keen. Ok, I'm not saying that again. >.<

Ahem, I'm doing well again, and am all happyfied. So, BOOYAH!

Anyone else feel this way?

2011-02-08 23:17:27 by SirFurious

Alright, I'll say it. I'm an artist. True, my medium isn't really inks, nor is it musical much. But the expression of meaning through words is, and to me, art is any expression of meaning. But the biggest problem with writing is that it's always so conceptual.

Maybe you've got a tune running in your head, but can't get it into a ways others can hear it. Maybe it's a picture that won't find it's way to paper. Or, it's writing things that you know will be read by one person, and that one person only. These are all heavy limitations on your ability to express yourself. And then, when you actually make moves to go beyond concept and into execution, you show someone you trust what you're doing...

And the response you receive is a "You've got a good concept, but it's not ready."
Welcome back to the cave bub. Depression sets in, and you basically just want to give up, and yet you want to drive forward, show them that they are wrong... But you can't. You face it, and you see that you're stuck at concept only, and realize that a concept won't get you anywhere if you can't execute or express it.


Yeah, welcome to my world. Hope this isn't motivational to any of y'all, but I'm demotivated, and... Heck, If I can't talk on my NG page, then where else? Facebook, people know me too well. Blogs are watched by people I care too much about... There's a level of disconnection here that lets me know that if I get any feedback, it's honest.


New song!

2011-01-31 02:06:05 by SirFurious

Who would have ever thunk it so?

Alright, I posted a new song. Enjoy it. :) But, don't expect more. I'm busy.

And by busy, I mean I have a novel to finish (BEFORE JUNE 30TH! YIKES!), college courses (As per Dual Enrollment), and normal life. And I'm a lazy sod. T.T Does it never end?

But, yeah. Whatever. :)


10 days in...

2011-01-10 07:43:27 by SirFurious

And everything is going fine. Stayed up overnight multiple times through this past week, with last night being the most recent... And, I got a pleasant surprises of having a few comments on my one song. Guess I need to make more, eh? Well, hold that thought...

I have until June to finish at least a rough draft of my NaNoWriMo Entry, which I have entitled
"Histories of Magnesia :: The Awakening"
At least, if I hope to get a proof copy printed and sent to me. I've also got classes at the Community College starting tonight at 5:55 PM with Computer Graphics... So, Music is a back shelf, with class and Writing taking priority. But, I promise, I will return my attention to the music at some point, hopefully sooner than later. So, to those that have commented on my little bit of music, thanks for the push. I'll be there for ya once I get words and images licked.


Yeah. It's fading fast. Not much time. Wait, why am I getting all dramatic? It's just another year gone by! Ah well.

Have a good New Year, and all that. :)